Nature is back

One of the most legitimate questions asked at the Parallax Art Fair was why and what I wanted to show. That’s why I’m going to take a closer look at the whole thing:

The whole thing started in 1986 when I was not allowed to play in the sandbox after the accident as a little boy. Since then, the topic has kept me busy. When the game „Stalker“ appeared in my teen time, I was able to explore the zone around Chernobyl at least virtually. This was done for the first time, but when a good friend marries a Ukrainian and I got to know the land and their customs several times, the topic of Chernobyl came back to me, which I had as a little boy. I wanted to learn more. So I started to study the area around Chernobyl. In documentaries and magazines there was always the theme that nature recovers everything, as well as that the place is irradiated and uninhabitable.
Since I am a nature-loving person and the whole interested me first came to the title „Nature is back“ which I later rejected because there was much more to tell. On my third trip to the Ukraine, I was ready, my guide was booked, with her everything was coordinated what Iliked to see, wanted to take pictures.
But after the first sighting of my pictures I realized that there was much more, what this zone has. It is the time that has been frozen for 32 years. The relics of the Cold War and the USSR on the one hand, then nature, which shows how it would look no matter where in the world if we are no longer present for 32 years on the other hand. It is the invisible death that hides, but also the new life that unfolds there freely, because for nature and animals, this threat is much smaller than we humans. It’s an indescribable feeling that you can not put into words as you move through the zone. Out of all the above points, combined with the absolute silence that surrounds this place, arises that which makes it so magical and enchanting. That’s what I want to show you with my series #32Yearsafterhumanbeing, a trip into a frozen time into the past and future surrounded by pure nature, a break from the fast pace and the stress of the day. Likewise, I want to show the viewer how transient we humans are and how strong nature really is.

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