Packing for my next exhibition

On 25. June i have my next exhibition and all pictures from Parallax Art Fair will be shown there again, so its time to bring them there. The exhibition will be taken place in an office at Wiesenbach, more details and invation on request. I wish you all a nice, happy and sunny weekend.


One of the most legitimate questions asked at the Parallax Art Fair was why and what I wanted to show. That’s why I’m going to take a closer look at the whole thing: The whole thing started in 1986 when I was not allowed to play in the sandbox after the accident as a little boy. Since then, the topic has kept me busy. When the game „Stalker“ appeared in my teen time, I was able to explore the zone around Chernobyl at least virtually. This was done for the first time, but when a good friend marries a Ukrainian …

Parallax Art Fair

Ja ihr lest richtig, ich werde im Februar auf der Parallax Art Fair einen Stand haben. Ich freue mich meine neue Serie in London erst ausstellen zu können, weiteres zum Thema bald hier.

Hallo Welt!

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